Asorbas provides healthy all natural foods through flavorful alternative gourmet condiments.



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Our Salsas

  Fresh from the garden! Asorbas Salsas are made with all natural ingredients grown by local farmers to provide our customers with the most flavorful salsa experience. Made with roasted bell peppers as the main ingredient, Asorbas is not only just the perfect healthy snack, but it’s also a great dinner option for home cooked meals. Asorbas is available in mild, medium, hot, and peach chutney.






Our Testimonials

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“Asorbas Salsa is an outstanding product that I will always keep in my refrigerator. I was able to use it in so many ways with different meals. It is the new staple in my household”.


– Selma Howard


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Our Ingredients

The primary ingredient for all Asorbas salsa are bell peppers, which are used in the place of a tomato base that is commonly found in many salsas. This makes Asorbas a viable option for many that suffer from adverse food reactions to tomatoes, like heartburn. The naturally balanced pH also makes Asorbas salsas shelf life stable for up to two years without the use of artificial preservatives. All of the produce used to make Asorbas are grown fresh by local farmers.    


Our Video

Watch Asorbas in action, from the farm to the dinner table. Witness the Asorbas creation and how you can use our product as a flavorful healthy meal.